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Volunteers are special people!

Volunteer Drivers - East Hants Community Rider

Community Rider Volunteer Drivers

Become a Volunteer Driver for the Community Rider:

  • Are you a good driver?
  • Do you like to help people?
  • Do you want to be active in your community?
  • We pay a stipend to cover the cost of gas, plus other benefits.
  • If you have a few hours a week to help your community, a reliable vehicle and  a good driving record you can join our group of volunteer drivers.
  • Meet People, have fun and support your community!

Perhaps you don’t want to volunteer as a driver, would you like to be involved in fundraising or other volunteer work?  Contact us with your skill set and let’s see if we make a good match?

We get our clients where they need to go, meet Jane.  Jane is a retired teacher who doesn’t drive anymore because her eyesight is poor and Jane’s husband sadly passed away a few months ago.  All Jane’s family live in Alberta and most of her friends have moved away or are in the same position as Jane.

East Hants Community Rider - Jane

East Hants Community Rider Client

Jane lives in a rural location, 30km from her doctor and services and since her husband died she cannot get to her medical appointments, purchase her groceries, do her errands such as banking or visit her friends without difficulty or the kindness of her neighbours.  Jane doesn’t want to have to keep asking her neighbours for help, so she doesn’t eat properly, doesn’t go to the doctors as often as she should and feels very isolated and often depressed.

This is where your free time and good will can help Jane and many more people like her lead a healthy, independent,  and active life.

Your help can be a lifeline to someone who needs transportation to make life accessible!

Please check out the “Contact Us” section of this website for information on how to reach us?

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You can donate by debit or Visa to help people in your community overcome barriers to education and transportation. Your gift can provide people with choices, and provide access to services we take for granted every day.  Thank you.