What does it cost?


Our costs are kept to a minimum to help our clients get to their destinations and appointments safety and as affordably as we can. We are a non-profit organization, but we still have costs to cover in order to operate.

The cost of the ride is more than just the gas it takes to get you to where you are going, we have to pay our employees, plus employers costs such as Workers Compensation etc.  We have to maintain our vehicles for all seasons and inspect them twice a year.  We pay our volunteers a stipend for their mileage and on top of this we have to operate the office and all the associated costs.

East Hants Community Rider

cost effective

We have kept our prices as low as we can, on a cost recovery basis and we charge per person, per one-way ride:

  • .70c per kilometer
  • $8.40 per minimum ride
  • $12.50 per hour wait time (charged in 15-minute slots)
  • Parking and bridge tolls will also be charged as necessary

We invoice our clients at the end of every month and we can invoice client’s agents such as Department of Community Services directly, as long as your rides are authorised by your case worker in advance.

You can also pay via e-transfer online banking to ehcrdispatch@gmail.com  Just send us a separate email with the question and answer so we can deposit the fundse-transfer


If you require more information or are enquiring about Charter Rides, please contact the  Dispatcher- 902-883-4716

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