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Book a ride:

you have somewhere to go, what do you do next?

Call us on 902-883-4716 and book a ride:

  • book your ride at least 48hrs in advance, earlier if you can to ensure availability
  • tell us who you are
  • where you live
  • your destination
  • the time you need to be there
  • how long do you think your appointment will take and do you need the driver to wait for you
  • do you need assistance from the driver to get you to your department of destination


  • will you be taking an attendant
  • do you need an accessible vehicle
  • do you have any special equipment or requests

It is a legal requirement for all our passengers to wear the seatbelt restraints in our vehicles.  If for some reason you cannot wear a seatbelt, please provide a letter from your doctor.  If you are using a wheelchair, there is also legislation we have to follow surrounding transportation of wheelchairs and scooters.   Please note the following information as we want to ensure we transport all our members as safely as possible:

We will either confirm your drive immediately, or we will call you back once your ride has been secured confirming the pick up time and your driver’s name.  Please be ready 15 minutes before the pick-up time. The driver can help you in and out of the vehicle, they will take you to your appointment, even to the department if you need assistance and usually wait at the appointment location to take you home.

When you need transportation, please allow at least 48 hours ahead to book a ride but you can call as soon as you receive your appointment and request a ride, the earlier we know the easier it is to schedule rides. We will always do our very best to accommodate you wherever possible. We invoice our clients or their funding agent monthly at the end of each month for any transportation they have had that month.

If there is a conflict with any booking, medical transportation will always take priority over any other ride booked, but we try to meet all requests.

Our drivers’ are happy to take you shopping or grocery shopping, to the pharmacy for your prescriptions and meet up with your friends.  If you need personal assistance please feel free to bring an attendant, they will travel without any charge,

Please see this reminder about booking rides – Reminder Booking Rides

We do have a Winter Weather Plan in place for inclement weather or emergencies.  Please click on this link to read our Winter Weather Plan

Now you can sit back and be reassured that we will be there to take you where you need to go.  Please be aware that the East Hants Community Rider is here to help residents of East Hants by providing safe and accessible transportation, but that cancellations may occur due to treacherous driving conditions or unexpected events.  Please read our Winter Weather Plan

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