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East Hants Community Learning Association – EHCLA

East Hants Community Learning Association (EHCLA) has been delivering the Adult Learning Program (ALP), a curriculum developed by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, since 2004.  These classes are free to adults over the age of 19 years who did not get their high school diploma. We have one full-time and one part-time instructors on staff delivering daytime and evening ALP classes.

This year we have also secured funding for a program called Skills to Work, which is an employment preparedness program. We have added a Skill Development component to the ALP program in recognition of the need for additional life and employability skill development. The ALP program is targeted toward adults who did not attain their high school diploma and have literacy challenges.

EHCLA is one of 31 provincial learning networks recognized by the Provincial Department of Labour and Advanced Education. EHCLA delivers basic upgrading classes under the guidelines of the Nova Scotia School of Adult Learning (NSSAL).  NSSAL’s main focus is on addressing adult basic literacy and training needs, and to encourage cooperation among stakeholders in the community.

EHCLA is part of the East Hants community and we are always happy to form new partnerships with local organisations, service providers, community groups, employers, and individuals from the community

EHCLA is here to help adult learners who wish to upgrade their education, to improve their skills at home, at the workplace, or to prepare them to continue their education.

EHCLA is a member of the Association of Nova Scotia Community Learning Organisations (ANSCLO).

Our Goals:

  1. To examine and address the life-long learning needs of adults in the community.
  2. To promote awareness of the life-long learning needs of adults in the community.
  3. To facilitate coordination of programs designed to meet the life-long learning needs of adults in the community.
  4. To identify and access funding for programs.
  5. To communicate with other learning networks and literacy groups.
  6. To engage in projects and partnerships that enable adults in the community to access and to participate in life-long learning opportunities.
East Hants Community Learning Association GED Preparation

East Hants Community Learning Association GED Preparation

Organizational Values

  1. We value life-long learning.
  2. We exist for the learner.
  3. We respect cultural diversity.
  4. We believe in learner involvement.
  5. We respect the requirements of individuals.
  6. We believe in equitable opportunity.
  7. We are accountable to all stakeholders.
  8. We believe we are building stronger communities through adult learning.

Our Adult Learning Programs offer the following advantages for adult learners:

  • Classes are FREE to all adults who have not completed their high school diploma, are over 19 years old, and have been out of school for one year
  • We have continuous intake, you can join anytime.
  • Small classes with qualified teachers and volunteer tutors.
  • Input in decisions made regarding goals, programs, schedules, and progress.
  • Classes run Mondays through Thursdays, both daytime and evening, September through May.

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