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The East Hants Community Learning Association (EHCLA) can offer programs to improve literacy and math skills, there upgrading and employment-ready skills, shop GED prep programs.  We also offer other programs in our community such as Family Literacy, Senior Safety and the Skills to Work Program.

  • Do you need help to obtain your GED?  Further your learning and improve your literacy, or math?
  • Do you need to upgrade your skills for a promotion or career change?
  • Want to help your children with their homework, but need a little upgrade yourself?
  • Do you need help getting ready for an entrance test?
  • Do you need some help getting on the path towards your high school accreditation?

Do you want to learn?  Click here  or call 902-883-1608

East Hants Community Learning Elmsdale, GED Free

East Hants Community Learning GED preparation

The East Hants Community Rider is a program of the East Hants Community Learning Association.  The Community Rider offers our clients a safe, cost-effective, inclusive and sustainable transportation to help make life accessible for everyone.

Do you need a ride?  Click here  or call 902-883-4716

East Hants Community Rider Fleet

East Hants Community Rider Fleet







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You can donate by debit or Visa to help people in your community overcome barriers to education and transportation. Your gift can provide people with choices, and provide access to services we take for granted every day.  Thank you.

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